Round Hill

This gateway leads to the remains of farming lands which once thrived along the Tees. Opposite, there are fine views of the Heritage Park area between Egglescliffe and Preston Park. On this bank, one of the original farms, White House, remains to the north linked to a new housing development. To the south, above the confluence with the River Leven, are the remains of an early Norman castle, built as an earth motte and bailey, known locally as Round Hill.
The base mound of the castle is clearly visible and would have originally been surmounted by a timber tower. From the top of the mound, the remains of a ditch around the bailey are just visible in winter time. The wider views along the Tees and the Leven valley towards the Cleveland Hills, emphasise the prominence and dominance of the site to overawe the local saxon population.
Below the castle mound on the Tees are the remains of an early building and dock , which seems to have been connected by ancient tracks to the ridge along the Leven valley and early windmills, such as that at High Leven.